We are so excited about a new invention that will help spur independents into the digital realm. The invention is Pointy!

Pointy is a product that helps customers see the products you sell in the store by simply looking on Google. We at Nutrition World are using this to beef up our digital presence. Though we are planning on launching e-commerce soon, for those that aren’t, this is a great way to start increasing your digital footprint. Here’s our Pointy site as an example.

How It Works—

Simply connect a Pointy box to your barcode scanner. You may even have an app that it can sync with depending on what POS you use. Then, as products are purchased they show up in your database with Pointy so that customers know what products you carry. You don’t have to do any of the work.

The Cost—

$499.00 one time fee with no recurring charges. Click this link to save and get Pointy for $425! 

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