Brand Compliance


We want to recognize companies that are closely partnering with independent retailers for the long haul. These companies all have strong MAP policies, provide excellent retailer and customer support, have excellent quality products, and are partnering with NPI to further advance our mission and protect this industry.

AOR is committed to helping the independent retailer survive in the current state of sales. We truly belief that enforcing a fair and reasonable price for all parties allows us to focus on helping the people, which is how AOR was spawned.
Natural Factors is a family owned, fully integrated company, controlling every aspect of the product line to ensure that each and every product is safe and effective. For more than 50 years, Natural Factors has been an industry leader in organic farming, sourcing, and development of raw materials, research and development, and quality assurance. Additionally, Natural Factors is committed to the natural product channel and strictly enforces MAP policies.
Buried Treasure is committed to supporting the independent natural products retailers. We have allocated resources to enforce our strict MAP policy across all channels. We have open lines of communication with our distributors to cease sales to any e-tailer who violates our MAP. We appreciate the efforts of our retail partners who educate and give personalized service to consumers. We also appreciate NPI and their efforts to inform retailers and manufacturers on the importance of MAP enforcement. 
Powered by Integrity, NutriGold's mission is to help create a healthier and more sustainable future by making nourishing products, embracing planet-friendly practices and empowering consumers through education. But without the support of brick-and-mortar retailers, fulfilling our mission would be challenging. It’s critical that we support our retailer partners with an aggressive iMAP policy, ensuring our products are not offered at more than 25% off SRP online. With a strong iMAP policy, we protect our partners and maintain our brand equity, so we will both remain businesses who can continue to offer sustainably and responsibly sourced natural products for generations.
Enzymedica is a leading brand of natural digestive health and wellness supplements. Privately held, we are dedicated to independent retailers, their staff, and the customers they serve. As one of the first brands in the industry to strictly enforce a MAP policy, we believe that all channels of business should have equal opportunity to thrive. We host education events with independent retailers nationwide specifically about MAP enforcement, how to find brands who support their business, and how to remain competitive in a digital world. Our retailers get the best offers with exclusive discounts and co-op advertising.


In Compliance

Advanced Orthomolecular Research (AOR)

MAP: 20% off MSRP Effective 1/1/18

Ancient Nutrition

Details coming soon.

*Multi Collagen now available at select Costco locations.


30% off MSRP (effective 1/1/17)

Spoke with VP of Sales, Lisa Nielsen, on 5/16/18. She informed me that Barleans is implementing a wholesale cost plus policy for online exclusive businesses to help level the field for brick and mortar retailers. In addition, they are vetting all of these accounts much more strictly. Lisa also went on to sincerely say how hard Barleans is working to make this right and that she is admittedly loyal to the independent channel.


20% off MSRP


Details coming soon.

Buried Treasure

Lester Burks, owner of Buried Treasure, is a key manufacturer leading the charge for a renewed focus on independents and MAP.

Carlson Labs

25% off MSRP (effective 9/1/17)

Dr. Mercola

20% off MSRP.


They have a very well enforced 25% off policy.

Health Force

Details coming soon.

Herbs Etc.

Details coming soon.

Herb Pharm

Details coming soon.


32% off MSRP (effective 12/1/16)

Host Defense

25% off MSRP (effective 1/14/14)


20% off MSRP.

Irwin Naturals

25% off MSRP


We have met with numerous high level executives with Nutraceutical. They have a deep commitment to independents and renewing their MAP approach.

*As of Q1 2019, Nutraceutical has begun implementing a 30% MAP policy and is cleaning up their Amazon presence very well. 

Life Seasons

15% off MSRP MAP


 On October 25, 2018 Robert Craven informed the company that they will be moving into the mass market. He stated that the move into mass by companies was “overall a good thing”.

-What we know so far is that the move will be targeted skus. 

-They are promising a commitment to fair pricing across all channels.

MegaFood claims their goal is to use mass as a way to tell their story and gain brand exposure and hope people will go to natural retailers to buy the product. 

UPDATE: 2/14/2019

So far, it seems that Megafood will only be retailing 6-10 skus in FDM. Even better, the prices seem to be in line with what independents are selling at. It looks that MegaFood is holding to their mission on this thus far.

Their MAP is 25% off MSRP.

Michael's Naturopathic

Details coming soon.

Mount Angel Vitamins

20% off MSRP.

Natural Factors

20-30% off MSRP depending on products and line drives (effective 1/1/14)

Met with Kathy McKnight, VP of Sales, at Expo West 2018. Natural Factors is a leading brand at enforcing and supporting fair MAP practices.

Nature's Plus

MAP of 15% off MSRP

Effective 4/7/14

*They are currently trying to improve their enforcement on gummies and liquids as they are harder to keep in compliance for some reason.

Nordic Naturals

Details coming soon.


25% off MSRP (effective 11/27/17)

Met with Andrew Dalton, VP of Sales, at Expo West 2018 and he expressed Nutrigold’s deep passion for independants and seeing lasting change in the industry.


Details coming soon.

Paleo Pro

Effective 2/1/19

The Minimum Advertised Price for any PP product shall not be less than 10% below the current Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) if sold online when shipping is provided free to the customer and not less than 20% when shipping is customer-paid. For brick and mortar retail locations, the MAP pricing will not be below 25% of the MSRP.

Planetary Formulas

30% off MSRP (effective 12/1/17)


25% off MSRP.

Pure Essence

Details coming soon.

Pure Planet

15% Off MSRP.

Quality of Life

Details coming soon.

Redd Remedies

20% off MSRP

They are very committed to brick and mortar and are offering a program called Better than Amazon, where retailers have a supreme advantage over online.


Details coming soon.


We have met with numerous high level executives with Nutraceutical. They have a deep commitment to independents and renewing their MAP approach.

*As of Q1 2019, Nutraceutical has begun implementing a 30% MAP policy and is cleaning up their Amazon presence very well. 


30% off MSRP Met with April Lowry in 2017. Solgar is very big on cutting off offenders quickly and is committed to lasting changes.


20% off MSRP MAP

Source Naturals

30% off MSRP (effective 12/1/17)


Met with Jerry Burt at Expo East 2018. Sunwarrior has a 13% MAP and is taking Amazon in house now.

Superior Source

Details coming soon.

Terry Naturally

20% off MSRP.


Practitioner line that doesn’t allow any online discounting.

Vibrant Health

20% off MSRP.

Vital Proteins

MAP is the same as MSRP. When bundling products, the discount cannot be more than 15% of the MAP.

*Vital Proteins can now be found in FDM but we have not yet noticed in egregious discounted pricing.

Vital Planet

Brenda Watson, founder, is very passionate about enforcing MAP. She has instituted a MAP of the MSRP price to show maximum support to brick and mortar.

Wiley's Fish Oil

Details coming soon.


ZHOU, is a brand that began as a direct to consumer brand and was acquired by Nutracuetical. They are a new breed of brand that views MSRP as being dead (which NPI agrees with). Therefore they do sell online at their MAP price and we recommend retailers that carry them to follow suit. Work with Nutracuetical to make sure you get the margin you need to make this work for your company.

Striving Towards MAP

Amazing Grass

Details coming soon.

Country Life

35% off MSRP with hopes off progressing to 25% by 2020.


Gaia has implemented a policy to buy back offending products to track what vendors are selling them so they can then stop selling to those vendors.

Garden of Life

30% off MSRP (effective 1/1/18)

-Flash sales do not apply

-Wobenzym N may be sold at 40% off

*As of Q2 2018, Garden of Life introduced an FDM exclusive line that is a knock on their commitment to the independent channel. Kent Keyser, GOL VP of Sales has stated that GOL is committed to making this right. Read more here.

*As of Q4 2018, GOL’s MAP is now in danger due to FDM sku demand forcing pricing down on their other items.


Spoke with them at Expo West. They are implementing a unilateral price policy. The policy will require all vendors to agree to terms to sale online. Map will be 25%

Life Extension

Life Extensions is currently trying to find third party companies that can effectively handle their needs. Check back for updates.


Update 2019: Quote from Rocky Palamara with MRM

MRM has stopped selling to Amazon directly in an attempt to further clean up the MAP pricing issues.  We have also engaged with a new Third Party company that is in the process of further identifying rogue sellers.  As a matter of fact, 2 accounts were identified today and MRM will be shutting down their accounts today.  We have also just recently closed another large on line account that choose not to adhere to MAP.
Our third party company believes that we should be in much better shape as it pertains to MAP by the end of Q1 or very early Q2 2019


Met with Rocky at Expo West 2018 and was informed that MRM is moving forward with a new MAP inforcment agency. Changes are expected to be visable Q3 2018.


20% off MSRP (effective 8/1/17).

Per Q4 Amazon check in 2018, Natren is struggling to enforce their MAP at the moment. NPI is reaching out to Natren.

Nature's Way & Enzymedic Therapy

UPDATE: Effective 3/1/19, Nature’s Way will be implementing a MAP of 25% off MSRP. They are partnering with MAP Protected to ensure this happens effectively. 


Per email correspondence in August 2018, Nature’s Way does not enforce a MAP policy at all.



Details coming soon.

Plant Fusion

MAP isn’t currently a set percentage. They are striving towards having a 20% MAP across the board.

Rainbow Light

Details coming soon.

Renew Life

MAP 25%

They have released a new line, Probiotics + Prebiotics, that is brick and mortar exclusive which is great! 

Hopefully we continue to see more improvement with their commitment to retailers.


Ridgecrest Herbals

MAP 25% off MSRP effective 8/23/17

Discussed MAP with them in April 2018. They expressed that they have a strong desire to support independents and enforce a MAP. Being they work with a number of distributors there are a few more obstacles they currently need to go through.

Trace Minerals Research

Details coming soon.


Details coming soon.


We have met with numerous high level executives with Nutraceutical. They have a deep commitment to independents and renewing their MAP approach.

*As of Q4 2018, Nutraceutical has begun reducing their authorized resellers to less than 10 from 400. A MAP policy has been promised to be coming soon after.

Not in Compliance

Doctor's Best

Details coming soon.


Spoke with Rory in February 2018 and was informed that only a number of Jarrow items are MAP compliant and the company has no desire to change this. Furthermore, Jarrow is focusing on competing with Swanson Vitamins. Their main advice to retailers: Increase EDLP’s and get BOGO’s. Also, they do not recommend adhereing to MSRP.


Per email correspondence in August 2018, Natrol does not enforce a MAP policy at all.

Natural Vitality

MAP of 40% off Effective 2/8/17


Details coming soon.

New Chapter

A majority of items have a MAP of 40% off MSRP. Realizing that this is essentially worthless, New Chapter is making all new items have a MAP of 30% off MSRP.

Now Foods

As of 01/01/19

NOW will select a few retailers to control their Amazon pricing on Essential Oils ONLY. Speaking with Dan Richard, there is a strong potential that this will move to an expanded part of the line in Q2 2019. However, no MAP has been discussed yet.

-Spoke with Dan Richard (VP of Global Sales and Marketing) in late 2017. Now Foods is not interested in a MAP at this time. The company does not believe in enforcing a policy that could involve lawsuits over what pricing people should resale goods at. It was also mentioned that, to them, MAP may not be in NOW’s best interest.

Paradise Herbs

Details coming soon.

Shen Min

Details coming soon.


Details coming soon.

Disclaimer: These findings are from our report that you can view here. Please note that the companies listed as in compliance have an efforced MAP of 30% or better, per NPI’s standards. If you are a company and feel we have you in the wrong category, please contact us immediately. Over time, we will begin adding the specifics of each company’s policies along with correspondence updates in the additional info field.

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