Many of you may know that NPI was started by Ed Jones, who also owns Nutrition World (health food store) and ZUNTA (protein bar). Most of NPI’s information comes from things learned in the everyday business operations of Nutrition World. We care so much about this industry because we are a part of this industry.

We are beyond honored and humbled to announce that we were selected as Retailer of the Year by Vitamin Retailer Magazine.  You can read more about our journey here. So many great words of affirmation and support have poured in, of that, we wanted to share one of the praises that we were very proud of.


“We live in troubling times — our industry leadership is asleep at the wheel, the No Hope Media is too busy selling itself to the highest bidder and legitimizing unscrupulous brands, Amazon’s insidious entry into the wellness industry is threatening to not just lower the bar for the industry as a whole, but undermine the very values that define us, and the recent round of mergers and acquisitions is increasingly blurring the lines between the “natural” products industry, Big Pharma, and Big Retail. In these circumstances, it would be all too easy for a brand or a retailer to give up, give in, and take the path of least resistance just to survive. And many of them have done just that.
But, Nutrition World is not just any retailer. The store’s founder, Ed Jones, and his entire team take their responsibility as the industry’s gatekeeper seriously and work tirelessly to educate and empower consumers to make informed decisions. They unofficially serve as the industry’s leadership and not only hold brands accountable for quality and product claims so customers can purchase products with complete peace of mind, but share their model for success with other retailers as part of their commitment to the greater good. They are proof that lasting success is possible only when you choose to do what’s right over what’s expedient and partner with brands that choose people over profits. Nutrition World is not merely a model for how independent retailers can successfully compete and thrive during these uncertain times, but they are a model for how to do it with integrity and while staying true to the values and principles that define our industry. For these reasons, Nutrition World is my choice for “Retailer of the Year.”
Sripriya (Priya) Rangarajan, Ph.D. | Founder & CEO
Director – Product Research, Development, & Quality Control
NutriGold, Inc

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