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Bulletproof the independent natural products channel


NPI stands to monitor ecommerce pricing and flags natural products companies based on their performance.

Companies below 30% MAP are deemed out of compliance with our standards.

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Align. Adapt. Act.

The natural products channel is being attacked from a number of different forces at the moment. The industry’s future is at a great fork in the road. We could see new monumental achievements as more people seek to control their health or we could be shutting the doors by failing to compete and succeed in a demanding new world of commerce.

We now find ourselves like David, fighting Goliath. However, we are not just facing one giant, we are facing a multitude: big pharma, big-box retailers, Amazon and other e-commerce giants. 

We must ALIGN to protect each other from the forces by sharing time-tested best practices within certain situations.

We must have the staff and partners that allow us to ADAPT to new challenges never seen before that have been brought on by the new and coming digital age.

Retailers must ACT on the changes that are necessary for their business and the industry to thrive. Choosing not to act out of laziness or selfishness has the strong potential for irreparable damage on not only your business but the industry as a whole.


Thinning the Herd

One of the primary signals that shows a company is beginning to get serious about controlling their presence on the internet is a ‘thinning’ of their eligible resellers on the marketplace. It is simple logic, the fewer resellers, the less you have to manage in regards to keeping prices where you want them. Almost every successful company at enforcing online price protocols have undergone this process.

We are excited to announce that two of the biggest players in the industry are now enacting this procedure.

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Mass Appeal?

In our quarterly Amazon price check, some new findings were discovered in regards to the shift of many companies to mass-market.

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Ed Jones

Ed Jones


Ed has been a bright light in the industry since 1979. Ed is The Holistic Navigator and founder of Nutrition World in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He is very passionate about the longevity of the natural products industry because it has been a phenomenal platform for him to help nearly a million people over the years.

Chase Ballard

Chase Ballard


Chase has been in the industry since 2007. Chase’s passion is to see retailers understand their competitive advantages and grow to better serve their communities.

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