As we’ve left the sales surge of the new year and are heading into the warmer months, we are still blown away by the ever-increasing amount of people that are taking control of their health and using supplements to help them along the way. It is for this reason that we are so thankful for our Premier Brands that offer such incredible products and educate retailers so that we can support our customers. Below are our Premier Brands for the 2nd Quarter of 2019. If you are not well versed with these companies, now is the time to reach out. These brands know your value as an independent retailer and are dedicated to your success. 




AOR is committed to helping the independent retailer survive in the current state of sales. We truly believe that enforcing a fair and reasonable price for all parties allows us to focus on helping the people, which is how AOR was spawned. 



Buried Treasure

Buried Treasure is committed to supporting the independent natural products retailer. We have allocated resources to enforce our strict MAP policy across all sales channels. We have open lines of communication with our distributors to cease sales to any e-tailer who violates our MAP. We appreciate the efforts of our retail partners who educate and give personalized service to consumers. We also appreciate Nutrition Products Insider and their efforts to inform retailers and manufacturers on the importance of MAP enforcement.



Bluebonnet Nutrition Corporation is a leading NSF GMP Registered® nutritional supplement manufacturer delivering a full line of award-winning, premium dietary supplements and nutritional solutions for every age, gender, life stage, lifestyle and health concern.  Since our inception in 1991, we have remained committed to protecting our Independent Natural Products Retailers from unfair business practices including online deep discounting by instituting a zero-tolerance policy against authorized accounts who divert product to terminated accounts/unauthorized resellers, violate our online MAPP and/or manipulate SRP to show a discount advantage.  Any authorized account caught engaging in any of these inequitable online activities are immediately terminated.



Enzymedica is a leading brand of natural digestive health and wellness supplements. Privately held, we are dedicated to independent retailers, their staff, and the customers they serve. As one of the first brands in the industry to strictly enforce a minimum advertised price (MAP) policy, we believe that all channels of business should have equal opportunity to thrive. We host education events with independent retailers nationwide specifically about MAP enforcement, how to find brands who support their business, and how to remain competitive in a digital world. Our retailers get the best offers with exclusive discounts and co-op advertising.


Natural Factors

Natural Factors is a family owned, fully integrated company, controlling every aspect of the product line to ensure that each and every product is safe and effective. For more than 50 years, Natural Factors has been an industry leader in organic farming, sourcing, and development of raw materials, research and development, and quality assurance. Additionally, Natural Factors is committed to the natural product channel and strictly enforces MAP policies.



Terry Naturally

The roots of Terry Naturally® in health food stores run deep. Our president and founder, Terry Lemerond, began his journey over 45 years ago as a health food retailer. After that, he launched his own supplement companies and continues to research and develop top-selling nutritional and botanical formulations, like Curamin®, CuraMed®, Clinical OPC®, and AnxioCalm®.


Being at the forefront of the supplement industry, but with a history in retail, we understand how important it is to be fully committed to independent stores and maintain a minimum advertised price policy. We believe in our retail partners because our mission is the same as theirs – to help improve the health of America one person at a time. And we intend to keep it that way.







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