It is becoming more and more apparent to retailers we talk to, and even manufacturers, the importance of finding the best brands that are going to support independent retailers in our industry. The time is now to be making a name for ourselves as the experts in our communities when it comes to health and making changes that are going to impact the future success of our stores. We do not need to settle for sub-par partnerships or brands that sell out. There are so many brands that are doing things the right way. If you’re not connected with these brands, reach out today.


Bluebonnet Nutrition Corporation is a leading NSF GMP Registered® nutritional supplement manufacturer delivering a full line of award-winning, premium dietary supplements and nutritional solutions for every age, gender, life stage, lifestyle and health concern.  Since our inception in 1991, we have remained committed to protecting our Independent Natural Products Retailers from unfair business practices including online deep discounting by instituting a zero-tolerance policy against authorized accounts who divert product to terminated accounts/unauthorized resellers, violate our online MAPP and/or manipulate SRP to show a discount advantage.  Any authorized account caught engaging in any of these inequitable online activities are immediately terminated.


Buried Treasure

Buried Treasure is committed to supporting the independent natural products retailer. We have allocated resources to enforce our strict MAP policy across all sales channels. We have open lines of communication with our distributors to cease sales to any e-tailer who violates our MAP. We appreciate the efforts of our retail partners who educate and give personalized service to consumers. We also appreciate Nutrition Products Insider and their efforts to inform retailers and manufacturers on the importance of MAP enforcement.


Life Seasons

LifeSeasons was founded for retailers by a retailer. CEO Darrin Peterson’s vision was born out of his experience running a health food store in Texas. LifeSeasons, a privately held company, has delivered formulations and potencies that customers can feel and policies that benefit brick and mortar stores. Upholding our integrity, MAP policy is strictly enforced. Accounts in violation are terminated immediately. Our history and our future are in independent health food stores, and we know that an enforced MAP policy is the key to supporting the success of our retailers.


Natural Factors

Natural Factors is a family owned, fully integrated company, controlling every aspect of the product line to ensure that each and every product is safe and effective. For more than 50 years, Natural Factors has been an industry leader in organic farming, sourcing, and development of raw materials, research and development, and quality assurance. Additionally, Natural Factors is committed to the natural product channel and strictly enforces MAP policies.



Powered by Integrity, NutriGold’s mission is to help create a healthier and more sustainable future by making nourishing products, embracing planet-friendly practices and empowering consumers through education. But without the support of brick-and-mortar retailers, fulfilling our mission would be challenging. It’s critical that we support our retailer partners with an aggressive iMAP policy, ensuring our products are not offered at more than 25% off SRP online. With a strong iMAP policy, we protect our partners and maintain our brand equity, so we will both remain businesses who can continue to offer sustainably and responsibly sourced natural products for generations.


Vital Planet

Vital Planet was founded in 2015 by Brenda Watson and her family. Brenda is a pioneer in the natural products industry and an authority on digestive care. Vital Planet provides high potency + high strain diversity probiotics for the entire family – people and their pets! Vital Planet is 100% family owned and has taken a strong position of support and protection of the independent health food retailer. Vital Planet strictly enforces a 0% internet MAP policy – this means full MSRP online. Vital Planet does not sell to food, drug or mass retailers – only natural channel brick and mortar stores.




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